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• Located in a 13 mile long, inland, north-south valley, the Dry Creek Valley AVA is known for its warm. sunny climate

• Settled by Italian immigrants, its heritage farming traditions—growing diverse crops along with wine grapes—have been revived by some organic growers who now offer farm to table experiences with locally grown organic food paired with their estate wines

• The region is famous for precious old vine Petite Sirah and Zinfandel; Ridge Vineyards offers many fine examples

• Rhone varietals—Grenache and Syrah, for example—are also a specialty of the region

• Several wineries here—including Martorana, Quivira, and Truett Hurst—have worked to restore creeks and salmon habitat

• Estate wineries with organic vines: 7

• Organic vineyard acres: 428

Organic Vines: Acres

Organic Vines: Varieties

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1. Ridge Vineyards: 206 in Dry Creek Valley  (plus 20.5 in transition) ; it has an additional 51 acres in the Alexander Valley AVA

2. Quivira Vineyards: 73

3. Preston Farm & Winery: 70

4. Martorana Family Winery: 35

5. Truett Hurst: 15

6. DaVero Farms & Winery: 14

7. Hawley Winery: 9


1. Puma Springs: 17 

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties


• Barbera

• Bordeaux Blend

• Cabernet Sauvignon

• Chardonnay

• Fiano

• Greco

• Grenache

• Grenache Blanc

• Malvasia Bianco

• Merlot

• Moscato

• Petite Sirah

• Red Rhone Blend

• Rosé

• Sagrantino

• Sangiovese

• Sauvignon Blanc

• Sparkling Viognier

• Syrah

• Viognier

• Zinfandel

Organic Vines: Cases

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties


1. Ridge Vineyards: 10,000+ (rough estimate)

2. Preston Farm & Winery: 8,000

3. Quivira Vineyards: 7,000

4.  DaVero Farms & Winery: 3,000

5. Martorana Family Winery: 1,600

6. Truett Hurst: 1,500 

7. Hawley Winery: 1,500

DaVero Farms & Winery | Dry Creek Valley AVA | Healdsburg

Winery Overview



• Sources grapes from its 14 acres of Biodynamic estate vineyards in Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley,  3 acres of organic vines in Mendocino (in transition to Biodynamic certification), and a grower in Lodi (in transition to Biodynamic certification) 

• The winery is on the Dry Creek estate in Healdsburg

• The tasting room is part of a farm complex, home to chickens, heritage breed pigs, and a flock of Shetland sheep; a stately olive oil tree marks the center of courtyard, honoring the estate's olive oil origins

Best known for

• Dry Creek olive oil producer and winery making wine from Italian varietals, including many varieties rarely grown in California

• Makes 14 wines from certified vines ($32-125)

• The name "DaVero" is an Italian expression that means "the good stuff"

• Proprietors Ridgely Evers (he was the guy behind QuickBooks) and his wife Colleen McGlynn (a chef) started DaVero as olive oil producers in 1990, importing and planting 22 acres of Italian olive trees

• An early fan, the famous Italian chef Mario Batalli used the oil at his restaurant and helped DaVero enter it, secretly, in an Italian olive oil competition where it won a prestigious award in Tuscany

• Italian wine lovers, the couple expanded into planting vineyards in 2000 on the Healdsburg property, putting in a 8 acre vineyard on their hillside and buying an adjacent creekside property with 10 additional acres of vines

• Over time the roadside site has become a farm with diverse crops and livestock (chickens, pigs, sheep, and fruit trees) as well as vines

• Second generation farm manager Arturo Valladares, who was raised on the farm, took over the role from his father Juan in 2019; in addition, Michael Presley works the land with the official title of "Soilkeeper" 

• Evan LaNouette oversees the cellar

• The winery has convinced many of the growers it buys grapes from to convert to Biodynamic certification

• DaVero was featured in natural wine devotee Alice Feiring's 2011 book Naked Wine; she writes about trying her hand at making a wine of her own at DaVero

• All wines and farm products (olive oil and more) are sold direct to consumers in the tasting room or wine club

• Italian wine fans treasure DaVero's wines from grapes rarely grown in the U.S. - Malvasia Bianca and Pinot Nero - and an outstanding Sagrantino ($125, club only wine), a varietal native to Umbria

Organic and biodynamic vineyard case production

3,000 (out of 5,500 cases)


Estate vineyard, organic, 2008-2018, Stellar Certification Services; biodynamic, 2011-present, Demeter USA




Certified Organic and Biodynamic Grapes

Dry Creek Valley AVA:

• Barbera

• Dessert Wine (Late Harvest Moscato)

• Malvasia Bianco

• Orange Wine (Greco, Fiano)

• Pinot Nero

• Primitivo (2)

• Red Blend (3)

• Sagrantino

• Sangiovese

• Sparkling Wine (Moscato and Barbera Frizzante)


Certified Organic Grapes (and In Transition to Biodynamic Certification

Lodi AVA | Cosumnes River AVA 

• Vermentino

Mendocino AVA

• Carignane

• Cannonau (Grenache)

• Rosato (Barbera)

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Seated tasting of wines, olive oil and food bites from the farm (by appt.)


Private vineyard tour and seated tasting of allocated wines (by appt.)


A tour and tasting of the private Home Farm's olive groves, vineyards, and gardens followed by a tour of the roadside farm and a seated wine tasting paired with a charcuterie plate (by appt.).

DaVero Farms & Winery

766 Westside Rd.

Healdsburg, CA 95448


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Hawley Winery | Dry Creek Valley AVA | Healdsburg

Winery Overview



• Sources its estate wines from rocky soils on its nine acre hillside estate vineyard on Bradford Mountain; it also buys grapes from local growers for about half of its production

• The winery, a certified organic facility, is on the vineyard property

• The tasting room is in downtown Healdsburg, a charming wine tourist town

Best known for

• Artisanal family winery in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley run by industry legend John Hawley and his sons, making acclaimed Cabernet, Merlot and Bordeaux blends 

• Makes small lots of 3 Bordeaux varietal wines, a Zin and a Viognier from its estate vineyard ($34-52)

• Founded in 1995 by proprietor John Hawley, who was  one man band for 9 years; the winery was built in 2000

• John's two son Paul and Austin joined in 2005 and run things day to day

• The senior Hawley is one of the transformative winemakers of his era, working at two landmark wineries during periods of Sonoma County's peak growth years 

• In the first 10 years of his career, he was the founding winemaker at Clos du Bois where he was a trailblazer, improving Chardonnay with old world techniques like barrel fermentation; there he oversaw growth from 15,000 cases a year to 200,000 cases a year

• His second major position was at Kendall Jackson, during its go go years, where, as chief winemaker, he managed growth from 600,000 to 2.5 million cases a year and brought higher standards to the winemaking process (including the widespread use of French oak barrels)

• Hawley’s sons now run the small family operation while he continues to enjoy falconry, a hobby he has pursued since childhood; it’s part passion and part practicality—he rehabilitates rescue raptors to protect vineyards from starlings during harvest season

• Paul Hawley also grows organic hops on the vineyard site and launched the brewery and gastropub Fogbelt Brewing in Santa Rosa; the brewery honors famous redwood groves by naming brews after them (Armstrong is an example)

• Sonoma County was once one of the largest hops growing regions in the country

• The Hawley label is one of the few in Sonoma County to have a certified organic winery and to bottle label its estate wines “Made with Organic Grapes”

• The wines have won gold medals in Sonoma and California wine competitions; its inaugural Meritage (2010) won the California State Fair for the Best Red Wine from Sonoma County and the state’s best Bordeaux Blend while its 2016 Zin won a Gold Medal in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

• Approximately 90 percent of its wines are sold to its wine club

• In classic fashion, it ages its Cabernets three years before releasing them

• The label introduced its first sparkling wine (from estate grown Viognier) in 2018

Organic vineyard case production

1,500 (out of 3,500 total)


Estate vineyards, organic, 2006, CCOF; winery, organic, 2010, CCOF




Certified Organic Grapes

Certified Wines: "Made with Organic Grapes"*

• Bordeaux Blend (Meritage)

• Cabernet Sauvignon 

• Merlot 

• Sparkling Viognier

• Viognier

• Zinfandel

Bottle labels its organically grown wines: "Made with Organic Grapes"

Uniquely, John Hawley was one of the first to grow Viognier in Sonoma  County—in 1983—falling in love with the variety at an early age. Some of the estate vines are 36 years old. The flagship 2017 Estate Viognier (253 cases, $34) is full of orange blossom, honey, peach, apricot and citrus notes. 

Merlot that first defined the estate. Hawley originally planted 7 acres of it in 1982, replanting it in 2006. The 2016 Estate Merlot (175 cases, $40), includes 24% Cabernet Franc, delivering cherries and red fruits. 

A distinct mint note makes the 2015 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (258 cases, $58)  a unique vintage. Its focused on black fruit.

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Tasting in downtown tasting room (walk in)


Vineyard and winery tour and tasting (by appt.)


Vineyard tour and picnic (by appt.)


Blending class (by appt.)

Hawley Winery

36 North St.

Healdsburg CA


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Martorana Family Winery | Dry Creek Valley AVA | Healdsburg

Winery Overview



• Sources grapes solely from its 35 acres of certified organic estate vineyards in Dry Creek Valley in two vineyard sites (located within a mile of each)

• The winery is located on one of its two Dry Creek estate vineyards

• The tasting room (on the winery and a vineyard site) is in a cave that opens out to a terrace at ground level; it's a short distance to the creek that flows nearby

Best known for

• Dry Creek wine grape growers since 1983 and vintners since 2005, this laidback, Italian-American family owned winery produces estate grown wines

• Makes six wines from certified vines ($33-45) including Dry Creek favorites—Petite Sirah and Zinfandel

• Proprietor Gio Martorana oversees winemaking and also makes olive oil from 300 olive trees on the estat

•  Amigo Bob Cantisano was the original organic vineyard consultant

• Gio's Italian grandparents came to American from the Piedmonte and Sicily

• Martorana's unique tasting room and winery were carved out of a hillock on the property; a living roof sits above the structure

• All wines are sold direct to consumers from the winery, web site or wine club

• Martorana is an avid bicyclist and the winery goes all out to make the winery a bicycle-friendly destination; there's even a bicycle wheel next to its roadside sign 

• The winery is also focused on fish health; it was the first winery to ever win a prestigious Wildlife Stewardship from the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

• It's also one of only two wineries in the area that has direct access to Dry Creek

• Recent vintages of its Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah won Double Gold Medals in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

• Reviewing the wines, San Francisco Chronicle wine critic Esther Mobley singled out the Cab for  its "elegant, dried herb-inflected" character

Organic vineyard case production

1,600 cases (out of 1,600 total)


Vineyard, organic, 2010, CCOF


• Video




Certified Organic Grapes

• Cabernet Sauvignon 

• Chardonnay

• Merlot

• Petite Sirah

• Red Blend

• Rosé

• Sauvignon Blanc

• Zinfandel

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Flight of 5 wines

Note: Group tasting fees of $20 apply to groups of 8 or more

The relaxing vibe at Martorana is hard to beat. Sample the wine, picnic at the creekside tables, play bocce ball or just sip and sit in the red chairs near the creek. 

The wine bar is in a cave—with a living roof overhead.

Guests can bring their own picnic lunches or call ahead and order a picnic lunch from the winery. 

Martorana Family Winery

5956 W Dry Creek Rd.

Healdsburg, CA 95448


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