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• Located in a 13 mile long, inland, north-south valley, the Dry Creek Valley AVA is known for its warm. sunny climate

• Settled by Italian immigrants, its heritage farming traditions—growing diverse crops along with wine grapes—have been revived by some organic growers who now offer farm to table experiences with locally grown organic food paired with their estate wines

• The region is famous for precious old vine Petite Sirah and Zinfandel; Ridge Vineyards offers many fine examples

• Rhone varietals—Grenache and Syrah, for example—are also a specialty of the region

• Several wineries here—including Martorana, Quivira, and Truett Hurst—have worked along Dry Creek to restore salmon habitat

• Estate wineries with organic vines: 7

• Organic vineyard acres: 428 


Tasting Rooms & Events

AVA Essentials


Tasting Rooms & Events

Tasting Rooms & Events

Tasting Rooms & Events


Organic Vines: Acres

Organic Vines: Varieties

Tasting Rooms & Events



1. Ridge Vineyards: 206 in Dry Creek Valley  (plus 20.5 in transition) ; it has an additional 51 acres in the Alexander Valley AVA

2. Quivira Vineyards: 73

3. Preston Farm & Winery: 70

4. Martorana Family Winery: 35

5. Truett Hurst: 15

6. DaVero Farms & Winery: 14

7. Hawley Winery: 9


1. Puma Springs: 17

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties


• Barbera

• Cabernet Sauvignon

• Chardonnay
• Cinsault

• Fiano

• Greco

• Grenache

• Grenache Blanc

• Malvasia Bianco
• Marsanne

• Merlot

• Moscato

• Petite Sirah

• Sagrantino

• Sangiovese

• Sauvignon Blanc

• Syrah

• Viognier

• Zinfandel

Organic Vines: Cases

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties


1. Ridge Vineyards: 10,000 (estimate) 

2. Preston Farm & Winery: 8,000

3. Quivira Vineyards: 7,000

4. DaVero Farms & Winery: 3,000 

5. Martorana Family Winery: 1,600

6. Truett Hurst: 1,500 

7. Hawley Winery: 1,500

Ridge Vineyards | Dry Creek Valley AVA | Healdsburg

Winery Overview



• Sources grapes from its 257 acres of organic estate vineyards in Sonoma County and an additional 77 acres of organic estate vines in Santa Clara county; it also buys grapes for non-estate wines from non-organic growers 

• An additional 20 estate acres in Dry Creek Valleys are in transition to organic certification

• Its Sonoma vines consists of 51 acres in Alexander Valley (which is the source of the grapes for its Geyserville Zinfandel) and 206 in Dry Creek Valley

• Ridge has two wineries and two tasting rooms—one at its Monte Bello estate in Cupertino (near its famous Cabernet vines) and one at its Lytton Springs estate in Healdsburg in Sonoma County (near its largest Zinfandel vineyards)  

Best known for

• One of the world's most respected wine brands, Ridge is justly famous for its acclaimed terroir (on both estates) and its hands off winemaking approach, both of which underlie its 50+ year track record of success

• Makes 11 estate wines from certified organic vines ($28-200, 91-98 pts.)  

• The winery is the largest organic vineyard owner in both counties in which is has estate vineyards (Santa Clara and Sonoma)

• Founded in the 1960's by a group of Silicon Valley engineers, Ridge was led from 1969 until 2016 by Paul Draper, a champion of what he called pre-industrial winemaking; the term means making wine without additives or industrial manipulations

• The winery made its entrance on the world stage when its Monte Bello Cabernet (from its Santa Cruz Mountains estate) famously placed in the 1976 Paris Tasting, competing against top Bordeaux wines, and, 30 years later won the subsequent  2006 rematch, thus proving its ageworthiness

• The accolades for all of its wines is too long to list, but, like many others, New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov calls Monte Bello "America’s greatest cabernet sauvignon"

• The winery's reputation for old vine Zinfandel wines of great balance and finesse is equally acclaimed

• Today two of its old vine Sonoma County vineyards (60-120+ years old, certified organic) are listed on the Historic Vineyard Society's register of heirloom vineyards

• Ridge has also led the movement toward greater transparency and honesty in winemaking, listing all of the ingredients in its wines on the bottle label

• All the wines are made using only native yeasts

• Veteran vineyard manager David Gates oversees vineyards at both locations and was responsible for converting the estate vineyards to organic over the period of a decade

• Eric Baugher makes the wines at Cupertino (Monte Bello); John Olney makes the wines in Healdsburg (Lytton Springs)

• Paul Draper was selected as Man of the Year in 2000 by Decanter magazine; the winery has been awarded a Wine & Spirits Top 100 Winery 17 times

• In 2019, the winery announced it is successfully growing Zinfandel from rare, historical Croatian vines; once enough plant material has been produced in the Mother Block, Ridge plans to grow these unique Tribidrag vines in Sonoma

Organic vineyard case production


15,000 (out of 80,000 total)  



Estate vineyards, organic, 2011 and onward (on various parcels), Organic Certifiers




Certified Organic Grapes

Bottle Labeled: "Ingredients: Organic Grapes"

Sonoma Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley AVA:

• Rosé (Carignane) 

• Syrah-Lytton Estate (2016 to present)

• Zinfandel-East Bench Zin (2013 to present)

• Zinfandel Lytton Estate House Hill

Note: In addition to the vintages above, current vintages of the flagship Geyserville (9,500 cases) and Lytton Springs Zinfandel (2,400 cases) are made 80-90% from certified grapes. 

Note: The wines listed below are from grapes outside of Sonoma, but are organically farmed and are available to taste at Ridge Vineyards in Sonoma.

Monte Bello [Santa Cruz Mountains AVA, Cupertino]

• Cabernet Franc-Rousten (2016)

• Cabernet Sauvignon-Klein (2016)

• Cabernet Sauvignon-Monte Bello (2017)

• Cabernet Sauvignon-Monte Bello Historic Vines (2013)

• Chardonnay-Monte Bello  (2015)

• Merlot-Perrone (2013)

• Merlot-Torre (2016)

Note: In addition to the vintages above, current vintages of the flagship Monte Bello are made 80-90% from certified grapes. The 2017 Monte Bello will be 100% from organic grapes.

Visiting | What to Expect | Contact



Tasting (walk in)


Tour and seated tasting (by appt.)


Century (Old Vine) tour and library tasting (by appt.)


seated Monte Bello Cabernet vertical tasting (by appt.)

Ridge Vineyards

650 Lytton Springs Rd.

Healdsburg, CA 95448


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Truett Hurst Winery | Dry Creek Valley AVA | Healdsburg

Winery Overview



• Sources estate wines from its 15 acre of biodynamic vines in Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley and one additional wine from a biodynamic vineyard in Mendocino; other wines come from local, non-organic growers

• The winery is located in Healdsburg

• The tasting room is on the estate vineyard site in Healdsburg in Dry Creek Valley

Best known for

• Dry Creek Valley producer making bold Zinfandels and hearty red wines

• Makes three wines from certified organic and biodynamic vines ($44-63)

• Founders Phil Hurst and veteran biodynamic producer Paul Dolan launched the winery in 2007

• Dolan, a founder of Bonterra and a long time champion of organic and regenerative agriculture, was board president of Demeter USA, the Biodynamic certifier for many years and is a past president of the Wine Institute and  a 4th generation winemaker (Carlo Rossi was his ancestor)

• Truett Hurst's GPS red blend is sourced from Dolan's own spectacular 65 acre estate, Dark Horse Ranch, in Mendocino, a poster child for biodiversity and Biodynamic practices

• The Dry Creek site in Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley has 15 acres of estate vines that were planted in 2010

• Ross Reedy is the winemaker

• Cultivating biodiversity as part of its biodynamic farming practices, Truett Hurst is home to ducks, goats, chickens, olive trees, fruit trees (oranges, lemons, pears and heirloom apples) and an organic vegetable gardens

• The winery is a working farm with livestock; it's also a salmon habitat restoration area, the Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement Project, working with the Sonoma County Water Agency to build slow moving water channels for juvenile salmon to hang out 

• Visitors enjoy sitting in the winery's iconic red Adirondack chairs overlooking Dry Creek; others come on weekends for its popular down home music series

• The winery just released its first vintage from the Biodynamic estate - the 2016 Estate Zinfandel and a Petite Sirah (wine club only)

•  The North Bay Business Journal honored the winery with its top award for environmental stewardship in the 2018 Wine, Beer + Spirits Industry Awards

Biodynamic vineyard case production

1,500 (out of 15,000 total)


Vineyard, organic, 2015-2018, Stellar Certification Services; biodynamic, 2015-present, Demeter USA




Certified Organic and Biodynamic Grapes

Dry Creek Valley AVA

 Petite Sirah-Estate

 Zinfandel -Estate


Certified Organic and Biodynamic Grapes

Mendocino AVA

• Red Rhone Blend-Dark Horse 

Visiting | What to Expect | Contact



Flight of 5-6 wines

Indoor tasting (walk in) and outdoors (walk in on weekdays, by appointment on weekends)

Patio tasting (by appt.)

Red Chair creekside seating (walk in on weekdays; reserved for wine club members on weekends)

Picnicking is permitted; guests can bring their own food or purchase snacks (cheeses, nuts, crackers, and olives) and enjoy outdoors.

Truett Hurst

5610 Dry Creek Road

Healdsburg, CA 95448


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