ORGANICALLY SONOMA Connecting you to wineries, wines and people

ORGANICALLY SONOMA Connecting you to wineries, wines and people

ORGANICALLY SONOMA Connecting you to wineries, wines and peopleORGANICALLY SONOMA Connecting you to wineries, wines and peopleORGANICALLY SONOMA Connecting you to wineries, wines and people

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What Our Readers Say

Something Wonderful

"This site is awesome! So beautiful, so positive, clean, easy to navigate, great info. All that you need to drink good wine in one place. 

You have created something wonderful!"


Free Stuff

"Who doesn't like free stuff?

Not only is the content thorough (and unavailable elsewhere), but if you are buying wine or visiting a winery, it pays for itself with just one purchase or visit.

But even if you don't buy or visit, this site's a great investment."


A "Must Have" Resource

"Pam Strayer, the author of Organically Sonoma, is the country’s foremost authority on organic and biodynamic wines and vines. 

This site is must have resource for all wine lovers who want to know what wines are produced with certified biodynamic grapes.

-Elizabeth Candelario, regenerative food and wine industry consultant; former president, Demeter USA


• Sonoma Wineries Shine

From Pinot to Rhones and beyond, this year's largest grassroots, organic gathering showcased Sonoma's finest wines.


• Slow Foods Wine Awards

Sonoma's organically grown wines win Snail designations and coveted Great or Slow Wine awards.


• Romantic Getaways: Sonoma Spas and Hot Springs

Where should you go for a romantic escape? Consider Sonoma in the "off" season—when it's more relaxed. Hot soak, anyone?


Seasonal  Soups 

Wine pairing suggestion  from Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis 


• 5 Big Reds for Winter

Cozy up to a fire or a hearty meal  with these top picks.


• Single Thread: What's Organic on the Wine List?

Healdsburg's toniest, two star Michelin restaurant has a few organic options.


Sonoma Wines' "Go Go" Decade

The teens were a turning point in Sonoma's wine scene. Explore the decade's eco-wine sector's ups and downs.


The Man Who Ate Glyphosate

Glyphosate researcher John Fagan eats herbicide ridden oatmeal—for science—and discovers his body's healing qualities.


• Toxic Free Future: Wine Country Towns Banning Glyphosate

In Sonoma County, local governments are backing away from the herbicide. Hear how grassroots movements are getting toxic Roundup banned from schools and parks.

More Praise

A Site for Eco Friendly Wine Lovers

"Bravo! Finally, a place to find organic and biodynamic wineries in Sonoma County. With hundreds of wines to choose from, this site points the way to the vintners who are doing it right for wine lovers and our environment!"


A Local Writes

"Thank you for the clarity and information you are providing... what a fantastic service. 

Beware the sustainbility greenwashing. I want my wine to be certified by an independent, non industry supported certifier and you have given me the tools to be a responsible consumer. KUDOS."


Best for the Environment

"I live in Sonoma County. It is a culturally, economically and environmentally rich place.

"As an organic loving consumer and a children's environmental health advocate in this community, this website is exactly what I am looking for."


Not Just Which Wineries But Also...Which Wines?

"It's difficult to know how the wine you drink was really made. 

"Sustainable grapes can be sprayed with toxic pesticides. 

"While some of the wineries with organic vineyards sell organically grown wines, they may also sell other wines made separately from conventionally grown grapes. How can you vote with your dollars if you don't really know what you're buying? 

"Fortunately, Organically Sonoma has done the research—listing only the wines from certified organic vines—and can help you find wine made with your values in mind."


Unique and Timely

"With the latest fires hitting Sonoma, this site is a great resource for helping the county recover. Don't let the TV news reports deter you. Sonoma is open for business and needs your support now more than ever.

In addition, this site has content you won't find elsewhere. I have been wanting a site like this for years."


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