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• The Fort Ross-Seaview AVA is near but not on the coast, with vineyards above the fogline

• It is a remote region and there are only two wineries on vineyards; many of the wines are made further inland

• The region was the first to break off from the large Sonoma Coast appellation; another new region, West Sonoma County AVA, representing another aspect of the Sonoma Coast, including cooler sites below the fogline, is expected to be approved in 2019

• Estate wineries with organic vines: 1


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AVA Essentials

Tasting Rooms & Events

Tasting Rooms & Events

Tasting Rooms & Events


By appt.

• Wild Hog Vineyard (directions provided after making a confirmed appointment)


• Fort Ross-Seaview 

Organic Vines: Acres

Organic Vines: Varieties

Tasting Rooms & Events

• Wild Hog Vineyard: 6

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties

• Pinot Noir

• Syrah

• Zinfandel

Organic Vines: Cases

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties

• Wild Hog Vineyard: 1,200 (out of 2,000)

Wild Hog Vineyard | Fort Ross-Seaview AVA | Cazadero

Winery Overview



• Sources grapes from its six acre organic estate in Sonoma's far northwestern coastal reaches; it also buys grapes from Lake County growers 

• The vineyard is located at 1,400 feet of elevation, above the fog line

• The winery, vineyards and farm are high in the hills above Fort Ross in a remote, rural location

Best known for

• A tiny, boutique producer in the wild, rural Fort Ross-Seaview area, a region now renowned for Pinot Noir

• Makes 3 wines from its certified organic estate vines  ($25-30)

• Founders Daniel and Marion Schoenfeld were among the first to grow wine grapes and make wine in this rugged and remote region

• The winery is named after Wild Hog Canyon, the area in which they live; while wild hogs once roamed in the region, the return of native mountain lions now keeps the (non-native) wild hog population under control

• According to California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), Wild Hog was the first vineyard in Sonoma County and the second in the state to be certified organic; it has been continuously certified since 1983

• Daniel Schoenfeld began as a home winemaker in Marin County before planting a small hobby vineyard on the property in 1983; in 1990, he built a winery and started selling his wines

• Marion is the family gardener, growing produce that feeds the family and community

• The farm also has three acres of apple trees

• Together with their neighbors, the Schoenfelds worked for a decade to bring AVA recognition to the unique, coastal winegrowing region here, culminating in approval of the Fort Ross-Seaview AVA in 2011

• The subappellation, part of the larger Sonoma Coast AVA, is distinct for its mountainous terrain and varied microclimates

• Since the Schoenfelds live off the grid, power for the winery comes solely from nature; they generate hydropower from their property in the winter and from solar panels year round

• Their wines are sold as far away as the UK

Organic vineyard case production

1,200 (out of 2,000 total)


Vineyard, organic, 1983, CCOF




Certified Organic Grapes

• Pinot Noir

• Syrah

• Zinfandel

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Owner tour and tasting (by appt.)

The exact location and driving directions will be provided after an appointment time has been confirmed.

Travel Advisory: The winery is located in a remote area. Aside from the rugged drive on curving, paved roads, there is a 3.5 mile drive down a dirt road to reach the farm and vineyard.

Seasonal Advisory: Visiting during the rainy season may be difficult [or impossible] as the roads are quite rugged. 

Wild Hog Vineyard 

(Mailing Address)

30904 Bohan Dillon Rd. 

Cazadero, CA 95421


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