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• Sonoma grows more varieties of grapes—55 in all—than any other county in the U.S.

• The county has 17 individual appellations (or wine regions) and an 18th AVA pending (West Sonoma Coast)

• The "Sonoma County AVA" is used for wineries outside the boundaries of the individual AVAs

• Benovia Winery is technically located in the Russian River Valley AVA but also has estate vineyards in the Sonoma Coast and Dry Creek  Valley. Its only organic vineyard straddles both the Russian River Valley AVA and the Russian River Valley and its wines from that vineyard are its only organic releases. They are labeled as from the Sonoma County AVA.

• Horse & Plow and The Gardener are listed on this page because they do not source wines from any particular AVA but instead from a wide variety of vineyards in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties. They have certified organic winery in Sonoma County.

• Turley Wine Cellars is listed here because it sources wines from 12 counties throughout California, including some from Sonoma.


Tasting Rooms & Events

AVA Essentials


Tasting Rooms & Events

Tasting Rooms & Events

Tasting Rooms & Events



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• Horse & Plow & The Gardener


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• Benovia Winery


Taste of Sonoma

Organic Vines: Acres

Organic Vines: Varieties

Tasting Rooms & Events


1. Benovia Winery: 18 acre vineyard (straddles both the Dry Creek Valley and Russian River Valley AVAs)

2. Turley Wine Cellars: 9.5 (in Sonoma)

3. Horse & Plow: NA (Buys grapes from growers; no estate vines)

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties


Countywide wine grape acreage statistics (including organic and conventional):

1. Chardonnay | 16,600 

2. Pinot Noir | 13,700 

3. Cabernet Sauvignon | 13,000 

4. Zinfandel | 5,000

5. Merlot | 4,100

6. Sauvignon Blanc | 2,800

7. Syrah | 1,600

Organic Vines: Cases

Organic Vines: Varieties

Organic Vines: Varieties


• Horse & Plow (includes Sonoma and North Coast sources): 3,200

• The Gardener: 800

• Benovia Winery: 700

• Turley Wine Cellars: NA

Benovia Winery | Sonoma County (3 AVAs) | Santa Rosa

Winery Overview



• Sources two organically grown estate wines from two (out of three) blocks on its 18 acre, certified organic Cohn Estate Vineyard; it also sources wines from its two other non-organic vineyards

• The winery is in Santa Rosa

• The tasting room is on the winery property in Santa Rosa

Best known for

• Boutique producer in Sonoma known for Pinot Noir

• Makes two estate wines from certified organic vines ($42-75) with the highest rated 91 pts. (its Zin)

 In 2005, Arizona healthcare executives Joe Anderson and Mary Dewane fell in love with Sonoma, buying a 55 acre ranch that included the historic Cohn Vineyard, planted in 1970

• Chris Kangas, the vineyard manager at DeLoach Vineyards for 25 years, oversees the vines; Mike Sullivan is the winemaker

• The Cohn Estate Vineyard played a significant historic role in the growth of Pinot Noir in Sonoma; it was the source for some of Williams Selyem's early cult Pinot Noirs in the late 1980's and early 1990's, wines that established Sonoma's reputation for fine Pinot Noir

• The Cohn vineyard, planted to Martini 13 and Pommard clones, sits on a bed of quartz and riverbed stones; Pinot Noir yields are very low—about a ton per acre

• The Cohn vineyard was planted in 1970 by Enid Sales, a noted California preservationist from the East Bay; she chose to plant the two varietals she liked to drink, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel

• The Cohn vineyard was planted before the Dry Creek Valley and Russian River Valley AVAs were formed in 1983; since the dividing line goes through the vineyard, wines from Cohn vines are labeled "Sonoma County AVA"

• Benovia continues to sell Pinot Noir grapes from the Cohn Estate to William Selyem which makes a single vineyard designate from them

• Benovia also makes Zinfandel from its nine acre, old vine Cohn vineyard Zin; it's the only source of grapes for Benovia's sole Zinfandel

Organic vineyard case production

700 (out of 6,000 total)


Cohn Estate Vineyard, organic, 2015, CCOF




Certified Organic Grapes

Sonoma County AVA:

• Pinot Noir-Cohn Estate

• Zinfandel

Note: In addition to Benovia's Cohn Vineyard Pinot Noir, Williams-Selyem also makes a single vineyard Pinot from the Cohn vineyard.

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Tasting (by appt.)

Benovia Winery

3339 Hartman Rd.

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Horse & Plow & The Gardener | North Coast AVAs | Sebastopol

Winery Overview



• Sources grapes solely from certified organic growers in California's North Coast (Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma counties)

• The wines are made in a certified organic winery in Santa Rosa

• The tasting barn features casual indoor and outdoor areas

Best known for

• An artisanal wine brand from two Sonoma County fine wine makers, specializing in affordably priced, handcrafted, small lot wines from top organic vineyards

• Makes 8+ certified wines annually ($20-$35), all bottle labeled "Made with Organic Grapes"

• Proprietors Chris Condos and Suzanne Hagins, husband and wife winemakers, each make wine for higher end labels (she for The Gardener; he for Kathryn Kennedy and Lateral)

• The couple seek out special vineyards, with whom they have long term relationships, sourcing  Cabernet Franc from a tiny vineyard in Bennett Valley and Carignane from Testa Vineyards' 100 year old vines

• Dedicated to minimal intervention in the cellar, the red wines are fermented only on native yeasts; some are made using whole clusters

• The couple also makes nuanced Pinot Noir and white wines under their higher end label The Gardener ($28-45)

• San Francisco Chronicle wine critic Jon Bonné has twice selected wines from Condos and Hagins for the Top 100 Wines of the Year lists, a prestigious honor; his selections included a Horse & Plow rosé and a Pinot Gris from The Gardener

• The couple have fun making experimenting with different winemaking styles of versions of their white wines including a skin contact Pinot Gris; other years they've made a sulfite free Sauvignon Blanc

• New on the agenda: cider, including plans to make an estate grown cider from heirloom apples, a bow to the area's Gravenstein apple growing heritage

Organic case production

Horse & Plow: 3,200 (out of 3,200 total)

The Gardener: 800 (out of 800 total)


Growers' vineyards, organic, various dates, CCOF; winery, organic, CCOF




Certified Organic Grapes

Certified Wines: "Made with Organic Grapes"

• Cabernet Franc

• Grenache

• Pinot Gris (2)

• Red Blend

• Rosé

• Sauvignon Blanc


Certified Organic Grapes

Certified Wines: "Made with Organic Grapes"

• Chardonnay

• Gewurztraminer

• Pinot Blanc

• Pinot Gris

• Pinot Noir (2)

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The Tasting Barn

 offers a casual wine bar, comfy couches and a turntable spinning vinyl. 

Outdoors, find plentiful straw bale outdoor seating, tables, and horseshoes.

An heirloom apple orchard pays homage to the days when Sebastopol was an apple growing region. These days, the apples go into estate heirloom ciders.

In season, the winery also sells local produce, tomato and veggie starts and, during the holidays, local artisan crafts.




Reserve tasting

Horse & Plow

1272 Gravenstein Hwy N.

Sebastopol, CA 95472  


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Turley Wine Cellars | Alexander Valley & Sonoma Valley AVAs | Plymouth & Templeton (not in Sonoma)

Winery Overview



• Sources grapes from 150 acres of certified organic, estate vineyards and 70 more acres from growers in California

• It sources single vineyard designate wines from four old vine sites in Sonoma County; 9.5 acres are certified organic

• Makes wine in three separate winery sites—one in Napa (on the Turley's home site in St. Helena), one in Plymouth (in Amador County) and one in Templeton (in the Paso Robles region in San Luis Obispo County) 

• Consumers can visit its two tasting rooms—in Plymouth and Templeton—to taste and buy wines; wines are also sold via its email list and at retail

Best known for

• Celebrated Petite Sirah and Zinfandel producer making 47 wines from head trained, dry farmed, historic vineyards in 12 counties across California, preserving the state's unique heritage vines and field blends

• Makes two Sonoma wines from certified organic vines ($55-70, 91-95 pts.) 

• Proprietor and founder Larry Turley has grown his first love—Zin—into an empire of historic vines spanning 200+ acres, 50 vineyards, and seven counties; from these sites, the winery makes 47 different wines each year

• In Sonoma, the winery sources from four historic vineyards; some are listed on the Historic Vineyard Society website.

• Fredericks (Weiss) Vineyard is a 7 acre site dating back to the 1930's; it's located on Nelligan Road [off Nuns Canyon Road] 

• Vineyard 101 is a 2.5 acre valley site dating to the 1920's; it's named 101 because it's right next to Highway 101

• Tegan Passalacqua oversees both the vineyards and winemaking; in 2015 Jon Bonné of the San Francisco Chronicle chose him as Winemaker of the Year

• Under Passalacqua's helm, the wines have become lighter, expressing more nuanced flavors than the stereotypical, old school profile of Zinfandels as big, hearty and bold; they are also made using only native yeast

• Wine critics rejoice in awarding its wines high scores; Antonio Galloni praised the 2017 Zampatti Zinfandel as, "a total stunner...super-ripe dark cherry, plum, spice, lavender and rose petal race across the palate in a stunningly vivid, vibrant wine that dazzles"

• Eric Asimov of the New York Times writes, “Of all the big zinfandel producers, I don’t think any is better than Turley Wine Cellars,” calling their wines “uncannily precise, focused”

Organic vineyard case production

Winery estimate: 70% (out of 20,000 total)


Vineyards, organic, various dates; CCOF

*Note: Turley certifies all of the vines it owns and some it licenses grapes from; owners of some sites it farms (but does not own) do not wish to be certified so the sites are farmed organically but cannot be certified without the owners’ permission. Only wines from certified sites are listed here.

Additional Turley vineyards in Sonoma:

Alexander Valley AVA

• Whitney Tennessee Zinfandel: a pre-Prohibition field blend site

Sonoma Valley AVA

• Zampatti Vineyard: a 2.5 acre site in Santa Rosa, dating back to 1915; Alida Morzenti, the Zampatti's granddaughter, farms it today




Certified Organic Grapes

Alexander Valley AVA:

• Zinfandel-Vineyard 101

Sonoma Valley AVA:

 Zinfandel-Fredericks Vineyard

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The winery has two tasting rooms, but neither is in Sonoma.


Paso Robles Area

Turley Wine Cellars

2900 Vineyard Drive

Templeton, CA 93465


Amador County

Turley Wine Cellars

10851 Shenandoah Road

Plymouth CA


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