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Organically Sonoma was created to showcase the inspiring, organic side of Sonoma's wine industry. 

We help consumers "Drink Well" by providing them with all the tools they need to find great tasting wines from organic or biodynamic estate vines. 

Organically Sonoma is the only place to find: 

• Exclusive, original, In depth listings on producers with certified organic estate vines

• Local news and interviews on wines, producers, trends and more 

• A complete list of every wine made from certified vines

• Essential information on organic and biodynamic topics

• Touring and tasting guides 

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About Pam Strayer & Wine Country Geographic

Organically Sonoma is written and published by Pam Strayer, a wine writer focused exclusively on organic and biodynamic wines. Pam founded Wine Country Geographic in 2010 to publish guides, apps and websites to help consumers and professionals learn about fine wines from organic and biodynamic producers.

Pam writes on organic and biodynamic topics for wine industry publications including Beverage Media, Wine Enthusiast, and Wines & Vines. She is also (part-time) Senior Editor of Slow Wine Guide 2020 in California . A former journalist, she has also reported on the scientists featured in the recent Roundup trials, writing for Civil Eats and PRI.

Pam has lectured on organic and biodynamic wine topics in invited talks for local environmental groups in Napa and Sonoma, moderated Demeter USA panels on biodynamic wine at Healdsburg SHED and in Oregon, and lectured for Women of the Vine & Spirits as well as at Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University's Wine Business Institute.

She has studied wine at the North American Sommelier Association and U.C. Davis and holds a certificate in wine studies from U.C. Berkeley.

A former health news editor and writer who launched the successful Healthcentral.com dotcom with Dr. Dean Edell in 1997 and DNA.com in 1999, Pam has worked with leading scientists and health researchers for more than 20 years to bring cutting edge coverage of science and medicine to millions of consumers and clinicians.  

In 2010, after collaborating with world famous cancer genetics experts (from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford and other institutions), Pam discovered the pesticide use report data (required in California) and became alarmed by the many toxic chemicals routinely used in vineyards, even in "sustainable" ones. 

Susan Kegley, then chief scientist at Pesticide Action Network, helped her by identifying the top "chemicals of concern" used in vineyards—carcinogens, developmental and reproductive toxins, bird and bee toxins and neurotoxins. 

Pam decided to research the. producers who don't use these dangerous chemicals, zeroing in on those with certified organic or biodynamic vines. She was surprised to find there was no list of these producers. In her research, she also saw that these producers were overrepresented in top wine rankings meaning there were even more reasons to seek them out.

In 2013 Pam published her first consumer project—seven apps (no longer available) on organically grown wines of Napa and Sonoma and apps on biodynamic producers. These were featured in the L.A. Times on Earth Day. 

In 2018, Pam and Elizabeth Candelario, Demeter USA President, cofounded the first International Biodynamic Wine Conference, The two day conference took place in San Francisco's Presidio with 47 wineries participating from the U.S., Argentina, Chile, France, and Italy.  

Pam served as Conference Program Director, bringing together more than 68 speakers from leading estates who served on 31 panels. It was the largest gathering of biodynamic wine professionals in the world. 

Now Wine Country Geographic is giving consumers and wine professional the tools to "Drink Well."


"I just wanted to extend my thanks...for your presentation on organics and biodynamics. The depth of information presented was astounding."

-Damien Wilson, Hamel Family Faculty Chair of Wine Business, Sonoma State University, Wine Business Institute

"My heartfelt thanks go out to senior editor Pam Strayer, the newest member of our team...

"The expansion of coverage for this year’s guide is thanks in great part to Pam, a former environmental and health journalist who now writes passionately and expertly about organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Thanks to her extensive contacts on the ground and her impressive experience tasting wines across the state, our team has managed to nearly double the number of wineries we covered last year.

The energy and commitment that she brings to our work have been an inspiration for me."

-Jeremy Parzen, Coordinating Editor for North America, Slow Wine Guide

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